The First Metaverse to host the Cross-Industrial Car Game mapped onto physical locations.

We are creating an Automotive-driven Virtual World in our Autoverse that links to every industry while creating digital twins of the real world as closely as possible.  This opens up an opportunity for Rolliverse Residents to venture out into various business ventures, to buy virtual land tied with real  physical asset value and to sell or lease their land to Rollipreneurs. Opportunities are endless.

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the Official Home of GrandRolli 

Learn more about GrandRolli, the Mandrolli   iconic Car  Video Game where you can Create, Own, Play and Earn real money in our Metaverse.  The Only Video game where you get to test-drive the Mandrolli cars virtually before they are even launched and the only game in the World so far that gets to showcase real life stories of the greatest Leaders & Legends like Nelson Mandela, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Martin Luther King , and others.

Mandrolli Auto

Official Launch 

18 July 2022

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Pre-sale Promo of Virtual Land Pockets opens from 01 May 2022 until 15 July 2022.

Mandrolli Auto has empowered One Million women through WIP Invest and WIPFIN (Women In Power), and that is why the opportunity to buy the virtual land pockets will first be open to the FIRST 10,000 women.

A World Where Physical meets Digital

The Automobile  Industry is the mother of all industries, without auto mobility, the Economy would literally come to a standstill.  It makes perfect sense therefore to build a digital auto mobility platform that will not only augment industrialization but will innovate,  gamify, digitize & connect all industries. 

Second World. Second Economy. Second Currency

We plan to create a Second Economy through Grandrolli, the Mandrolli game, by taking advantage of the convergence of robust technologies and the digital currencies, which will ultimately drive our metaverse and bring all industries under one Platform.  Gaming is where virtual experiences have always been the most immersive, where there has always been a greater need for the integration of the 3D virtual worlds into the interconnected and interoperable cross-industries.

Industry 4.0: Modern Professional Architect Wearing Virtual Reality Headset Uses Gestures to Design, Manipulate Buildings for 3D City. Mixed Augmented Reality Software. VFX Graphics Effect




The smart city of cyberspace and metaverse digital data of futuristic and technology, Internet and big data of cloud computing, 5g connection data analysis background concept. 3d rendering




Mandrolli World of Gaming


The GameChanger

Grandrolli is Rolliverse's native Automotive Virtual Game which is inspired by former 

President Nelson 'Rolihlala' Mandela's relentless quest for unity and a spirit of inclusion in 

industrializing the African economy.  

This is the FIRST Car Video Game that promotes virtual tourism through tracing stories of greatest leaders.  The First phase of the game will follow tata Nelson Mandela's story from his actual birthplace to his final resting place.  It will follow his life from how he was politicised, leading to his imprisonment in Robben island, to where he was elected as President of South Africa and everything in between.  All this will be set in the simulated 3D digital twin of the actual physical location.

The game will continue showcasing more other greatest Leaders and Legends around the World based on their actual simulated locations.

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Why Purchase Land pockets now!

Grandrolli Automotive Gaming is not only showcasing the Mandrolli Automobile Green Technologies & electro mobility, it is set to create a Second Economy across ALL industries including Virtual Tourism, entertainment, e-tailing (retail), Advertising, eCommerce, e-Schooling, etc.  So, investing in buying the Land pockets now will be a greatest investment as you will be able to develop the land and lease it out or sell it.  For example, if you buy the  Grandrolli Tracks, you will be able to rent the land out to GRANDROLLI and receive monthly rental as soon as the Grandrolli Game is launched. 

Also, 10,000 merchants are being empowered to have online presence and are being granted shareholding (FOR FREE), they are also being assisted with setting up their business as well.  If for example you buy a Retail Zone and develop a Virtual Mall, you will be able to rent out virtual stores to some of these merchants.

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